Microsoft Office 2013 x86 Portable Download

Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

Known application, new possibilities

With the new Word optimized aanpasmodus, you can view documents using the subsidiary. Changes in the documents have been overhauled and expanded maakom longer edit the document. Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus and edit PDF-files without requiring additionalsoftware, making it a direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat.
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In Excel 2013 automatically populated with a new lining flash elected selreëling.Excelpraanalizavats entire table, identify the relationship between cells and the specified value or text. Excel also contribute to the creation of lifematerials and graphics, generating proposals for a similar way. A new feature Quick Office Analysis in Microsoft Office 2013 lets you view geevan certain formatting options in the table itself.

PowerPoint 2013 presentation mode divided into two different points of view for the audience and for the lead. In addition,the presentation, you can also list kulvyglyad and more information on the presentation screen. On tablets, you can move it on the slides with gestures on your hands, paint them with a pin for a movie or use the virtual laser pointer.

In all respects,collecting Outlook 2013 menu settings for meetings, contacts, and tasks. E-mail in Outlook 2013 is now friendly to the tablet and can, if desired, in a preview in the form of a list with a large area.

Optimized TouchPad and minimalist design in Windows 8

wanneermet using Microsoft Office2013Professional Plus, you will realize that there is a significant change.
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Known group band extends only when necessary and to optimize the work of your fingers touch screens. In addition to images, you can embed videos using the HTML-code in Microsoft Office 2013Professional Plus. All aansoekekom with new featuresview optimized for touch.

Microsoft Office2013 Professional Plus uses the same minimalist teëlontwerp as Windows 8, and it seems that everything will be fine together. large icons have scattered for their important functions, terwylNuwe patterns visually offer attractive spreadsheets and presentations.

conclusion:Enhanced Comprehensive Office Suite

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus comes with many useful features that allow selective use vanOntouch-screen devices. Unfortunately, Office Suite something other than tabletvriendelik. Many elements and options are too small for untrained fingers.

otherespecially Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, however, much inshaeperakanavchy: PDF Editor offers a much broader editing capabilities, have Skydrive integration and invoegtoepassings to include the YouTube video, the big innovation.


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